Taxing your Mobility Scooter

You do not need to register with the DVLA if you have a manual wheelchair either self propelled or attendant pushed. These are called Class 1 machines. Nor do you need to notify them if you have a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter with a maximum speed of 4 mph which has a gross vehicle weight of less than 113.4kgs and is intended solely for footpath use. These are known as Class 2 machines.

The only machines that need to be registered with the DVLA are those known as Class 3 machines. These are capable of speeds of over 4mph but not in excess of 8mph or have a gross vehicle weight in excess of 113.4kgs. Powered wheelchairs and scooters intended for use on the road will generally fall into this category. If you are not sure please check with the manufacturer.

If you are purchasing your new scooter or powered wheelchair from ourselves, we will complete all the necessary documentation for you. Since the withdrawal of paper tax discs in October 2014 you are no longer required to display a tax disc on your scooter. At the current time October 2015 all Class 3 products are automatically retaxed every year by the DVLA and you will be sent a letter advising by them advising you that this has been done. You do not need to take any action. There is no legal requirement to display number plates

As with the Blue Badge scheme, we recommend that you look at the DVLA website for the latest information on whether you should register your scooter or powerchair.