Full Service

When you purchase any of our mobility scooters or powerchairs through a home visit you will be regarded as a one of our Full Service Customers, and will be entitled to the following benefits:

Parts – We will replace any mechanical or electrical parts required to maintain your mobility scooter or powerchair in tip-top operating condition free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase.

A1 Mobility ServiceLabour – No charge will be made for any labour required to either repair or replace any part covered under warranty.

Collection & Delivery – Mobility scooters or powerchairs will be collected from and delivered back to our Full Service Customers’ homes at a time convenient to them and at no charge

Free loan machine – On request, one of our courtesy mobility scooters or powerchairs will be made available to you if for any reason your machine cannot be repaired at your home, and has to be brought into our workshops. You will never need to be without a mobility scooter or powerchair.

Valeting – Mobility scooters and powerchairs will be cleaned and valeted prior to their return.