Riser Recliner Chairs

Sometimes known as Rise and Recline Chairs, these fabulous pieces of furniture can radically transform your life. No more “oohs” and “arrgghhs” as you get in and out of your chair! Designed to assist those whose mobility problems result in difficulty sitting down and getting out of the chair. These Riser Recliner chairs gently recline to virtually any recumbent position and raise the occupant to their feet so that getting out of the chair is a simple and comfortable operation. 

We have a huge display of chairs on display at our Blackpool showroom from a range of major manufacturers to suit all budgets. We currently supply Riser Recliner chairs by Roma, Royams, Himolla, Pride and Medicare Technology (now Drive Medical) in a range of sizes, motor operations and fabric choices.

A standard Riser Recliner chair usually has a single motor operation. This means that as you recline, the foot panel automatically raises your feet until you are fully reclined or have reached the point you find most comfortable. The leg support retracts out of the way as you use the Rise facility.

Dual motor operated chairs are more expensive but give you the added choices of raising the footplate independently of the back. You can choose from full recline with feet up, full recline with feet on floor, or staying seated upright with your feet raised off the floor to ease tired and aching legs. When using the rise facility the chair will automatically adjust the seat back to an upright position before beginning to rise.

Many of the latest chairs come with the added safety feature of a removable key in the control handset which disables the Rise and Recline operation of the chair. Removing the key switches the chair off completely in the event that small children may be tempted to play when it is left unattended.