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If you’d like to invest in a personal mobility scooter that will be right for you, you will find quite a few products in our showroom that you can make the most of. We at A1 Mobility will help you to discover the most effective mobility scooter from the various options available for you as part of our showroom. Our team have all types of mobility scooters Preston so it’s possible to rest assured you will find the perfect scooter to meet your own requirements.

Our Team Will Let You Find The Mobility Scooter To Suit Your Style

You’ll discover three leading different mobility scooter to pick from, with different utilities and advantages for each type. If you’d like a personal mobility scooter that offers convenient portability, a travel mobility scooter is the most suitable choice – it is very quickly retained in a car boot.

You can also purchase a mobility scooter that will enable you to travel faster as well as increased comfort and ease – pavement scooters can help you to go at speeds up to 4miles per hour, letting you go from A to B quickly and easily and cover much longer ranges over the pavement just in case you are not able to drive a car to your locations.

In case you’re expecting to go further distances, it’s also possible to buy a 6-8 miles per hour scooter, which enables you to travel on the road, and enjoy faster travel and more security than only a pavement scooter could offer. Although it is not as easily transportable as a travel mobility scooter, this kind of scooter is often a effective option assuming you have the room to keep them, as they do not require any type of set up and are quite a bit more comfortable than travel scooters.

Try Before You Buy With Mobility Scooters in Preston

Whichever of these types you choose, it may often be tough to find a scooter that will be exactly right. Because of this, we permit you to try before you buy all of our mobility scooters to find the exact mobility scooter to suit your requirements and needs.

A1 Mobility know exactly how to be practical whenever you are in search of a new mobility scooter. A1 Mobility host the finest dealership in Britain of mobility scooters, so you will be certain to find a mobility scooter that you could try before buying. When you make the right choice for your own mobility scooter, you will notice that your life will change for the better.