Mobility Tyres and Tubes

Scooters and powerchairs are supplied from the manufacturer with either puncture proof solid or pneumatic tyres.

In order to remove the possibility of punctures and the associated cost of replacing tyres and inner tubes, we are able to offer two solutions if you have pneumatic tyres on your machine.

  1. The cheapest option is to have your pneumatic tyres made puncture resistant. This is achieved by injecting the inner tube with a gel type substance that automatically seals any small puncture holes that may occur. This does not prevent punctures but enables you to continue using the scooter without any noticeable difference in performance and handling.
  2. Alternatively, pneumatic tyres can be replaced with puncture proof tyres. This totally removes the possibility of any punctures at all, but bear in mind that solid tyres do tend to give a harder ride.

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