Mobility Batteries and Mobility Chargers

When you first take delivery of a new scooter or if you have had new batteries fitted to your current scooter, the following procedures MUST be followed if you wish to get the best out of your equipment. 

BEFORE you use your scooter you must charge the batteries for 24 hours, after which time the scooter will be ready for use. You will find that the first time you use it the batteries will only give about 85% of their capacity. As soon as you get back from your first run, you should plug the charger in and leave it charging overnight.

The next time you use your scooter, your batteries will give about 90% of their capacity. Again, after use, give the machine another overnight charge. After a few of these discharge and charge cycles, your batteries will give 100% of their capacity.

It is very important that every time you use your scooter, you charge the batteries overnight. You cannot overcharge your batteries using the correct charger, but if you consistently undercharge them irreparable damage to the batteries may result.

All scooters sold by A1 Mobility are supplied with two 12v batteries, which can range from 10AH up to 100AH dependent on the particular model. Additional battery packs can be supplied. We only supply MK International branded batteries as our experience has shown them to be the most reliable batteries on the market. We offer a full 12 month warranty on these batteries which are suitable for both powerchairs and mobility scooters.

The charging unit that is supplied is an important part of your scooter and should be treated with care. Do not leave it lying on the floor when not in use as it can easily be damaged and could cause a trip hazard within the home. Also do not disconnect it at the mains and leave it plugged into the machine whilst in use at it may become entangled in the wheels. If your charger needs replacing, it is important to replace it with one of the same size. Do not be tempted to borrow one from a friend or neighbour as using one that is too small will mean that your batteries do not get fully recharged and will begin to fail, whilst using one that is too big will result in damage to your batteries that is not covered under any warranty.

Replacement batteries and chargers are available by calling our FREEPHONE number 0800 328 5670 where we can place your order and usually arrange for next day delivery.

The distance you can travel will vary dependant on how and when you use your mobility scooter or powerchair. Cold weather, travelling uphill or over rough terrain will reduce the distance you can travel, as will carrying extra weight.