Mobility Advice Centre

Buyers Advice

  1. Buyer’s Advice – Define Your Requirements
  2. Full Service Customers
  3. Cash and Carry Customers
  4. Pressure Sores and Spinal Complaints
  5. Buying a Scooter – Common Pitfalls
  6. Beware Direct Sales Companies

Rider Advice

  1. Rider Advice – The Highway Code
  2. Are you safe to ride a mobility scooter?
  3. Pavement Riding
  4. Road Use and Restrictions
  5. Vehicle Range
  6. Servicing and Maintaining Your Scooter
  7. Using Your Mobility Scooter Safely in Shops and Public Buildings
  8. Kerbs
  9. Cars coming from behind
  10. Danger! Tipping! Can the scooter tip over?

Financial Advice

  1. Paying for your new Mobility Scooter
  2. International Sales
  3. The Motability Scheme
  4. VAT and Mobility Products

Insurance Advice

  1. Mobility Insurance Advice
  2. Gold Card Scheme

Public Transport

  1. Road Travel for disabled people
  2. Rail Travel for disabled people
  3. Air Travel for disabled people
  4. Sea Travel for disabled people

Private Transport

  1. Private Transport – introduction
  2. Transporting your Scooter
  3. Ramps, Hoists and Trailers
  4. Transporting yourself in a Wheelchair
  5. Platform Lifts and Drop Floors
  6. Driving from a Wheelchair

Mobility Products Advice

  1. Mobility Products – Mobility Scooter or Powerchair
  2. Mobility Scooters
  3. PowerChairs
  4. Adjusting Your Scooter or Powerchair
  5. Rough Terrain

Disability Aids

  1. Beds, Chairs and Baths